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A slow-burn historical fantasy

Set during the Viking invasions of Great Britain

The crows circle around her, perch on planted spears and discarded shields. She pushes back her ginger curls, speaks in Brittonic to the wounded. And I feel I am just like the crows – a scavenger perched over this precious scene, this time alone with her that is so rarely mine to enjoy.


I stare at her graceful profile, the notable absence of tear tracks on her cheeks. The blazing look she wears as she stands fearlessly on this battlefield. The sight of her sends chills down my spine.


I know the others feel the same as I while we move around her; this bone-deep belonging of pack. She may speak with her kin, she may bend over them protectively.


But she is ours, now.


A Winter Treat!

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About Lyx

Lyx Robinson spent her childhood in Brittany, where she became familiar with all sorts of old Celtic legends and landscapes. Living in a place with such strong tethers to its past made her naturally inclined towards fantasy, which is what she loves to read and write the most.

A late-comer to romance, Lyx was delighted to see that some of her favourite obscure tropes are actually more common in published fiction than she thought. She fell head-first into the omegaverse in 2020 and decided to combine what she loves writing most - historical fantasy and erotica.

As a digital artist, Lyx's covers feature her own illustrations unless otherwise stated.

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