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Come join my reader group!


So it's been a couple weeks since the book launched, and I figured I'd put together a little space for us to be able to chat if it takes your fancy! I may or may not spam you with music too and ask for recs as I have a zillion playlists. Here's the link.

I've also cleaned up my socials so whether you're more of a twitter person or an instagram person, you can follow me from anywhere.

Edits for book 2 are going ahead, they've just stalled a bit while I take care of all this social media stuff and teach myself how to use the damn platforms lol. I was almost exclusively on tumblr for a long time so I'm not quite used to the others, but I'm getting there!

Two weeks in, I'm really, really happy with how the launch as gone. Honestly I didn't even dare to hope that it would go as well as it has. I'm super touched by the feedback and positive responses and, being a Cancer, I may have gotten a bit overemotional over some of the reviews and danced around my living room lol. It's the best feeling ever to be here at the beginning of this journey and to be so positively received. This is what I've always wanted to do and it's just so bloody great to be DOING it at last ahah.

Now that I have everything set up, it'll be full speed ahead for book 2!

- Lyx


Haven't grabbed your copy of Stolen by the Wolves yet? Get it over here!

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