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Preorder Milestones!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

⭐ I'm organising a giveaway to celebrate the launch of The Summer Siege!

As many of you know, last year I had to cancel my preorder for this book, and I lost the 300 orders I'd managed to accumulate. So this year, I have this symbolic goal to hike up to 300 preorders again!

With each milestone we hit, a new prize will be unlocked. Once the book is out, I will organise a big giveaway with all the unlocked prizes, so that multiple winners will be able to snag them! The prizes to unlock are as follows: - 1 signed art print pack - 1 signed paperback (Taming or Stolen!) - 1 BOOKISH BOX Special Deluxe Edition of Stolen by the Wolves You guys have already blown me away; we're at 278 preorders as I write this (21th Sept.). So if you are hesitating to preorder, or you are only just getting into this series - now is the best time to get into the adventure & win some prizes along the way! To unlock these prizes, all you have to do is preorder your copy of The Summer Siege. ❤️ Thanks so much! x (Head on over here to see pictures of all the prizes.)

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